Norther Lights Nyheter

September 22nd 2013

Subject: Oxford
Date: September 22, 2013
From: Kim Soren Larsen, Father of our 2013 Receipient Anna Larsen

To the Board of the Northern Lights Fund.
Thank you so much for making it possible for me to go to Oxford this summer!
In the end of July, beginning of August, I attended a two week oxford study course. I was at the International Baccalaureate program summer school. During these two weeks I learned a lot, made a lot of new friends from all over the world and most important of all, had a great time! What a wonderful experience.
OSC - pre IB summer school prepares students for an academic two year course (from the age 16-19) the goal is to make students aware and prepared for what they are going to do and help them find out how to organize, since there is a lot of work! I have already benefitted a lot from what I have learned this summer.
For me, this was truly an amazing experience and I am grateful for Northern Lights Foundation, I couldn't have done it without you!
Thank you so much!
Yours sincerely, Anna

St Antonys College St Antonys College


Wednesday, 29th May 2013

Met Judy Collins this evening - ever the activist, charming and approachable; talked about issues that concern her - gun control, women's reproduction rights, Monsanto, suicide prevention and more. In between she shared some beautiful songs with us as was simply a marvelous evening.

The Northern Lights Fund would like to thank DAN Democrats Abroad Norway for inviting us to share in this fantastic event with Ms. Judy Collins. As an added plus we were able to collect donations to our cause. Thank you...very much.

Barbara Buli, Chairwoman
Northern Lights Fund

Judy Collins


Independence Day celebration 2012, Frogner Park

Once again Northern Lights Fund was awarded a grant from the American Coordinating Council of Norway. This year it was for a whopping amount of NOK 10,000! Thank you ACCN!

ACCN Annual Charity Award


Independence Day celebration 2011, Frogner Park

The Northern Lights Foundation was one of the lucky recipients of the ACCN Annual Charity Award. Our spanking new secretary was on hand to accept on our behalf! A big Thank you goes out to the American Coordinating Council of Norway!

ACCN Annual Charity Award


Independence Day celebration 2010, Frogner Park

Last year’s Independence Day event went off without a hitch. T-shirts featuring the new logo had arrived as well as banners and brochures fresh off the printing press. Decked out with all the Independence Day décor you can imagine; we enjoyed great weather and good company! Our chairman Barbara Buli was even able to offer former presidential candidate Walter Mondale a Northern Lights Fund T-shirt of his own. He assured her he would wear it proudly and thanked NLF for focusing on children in this way.

4th of July stand 2009

4th of July t.shirts 2009

We hope to repeat the success this year, with a few minor adjustments.

A team of volunteers will be rounded up to help distribute brochures at the park, and tell people more about the organization and our purpose. If you have some time to spare on the day, please let us know and we will put you on the list!

The booth will feature a challenging Norway-America quiz this year, to bring some excitement to the table. We know the park is full of knowledgeable internationals that day, so if you want to stand a chance at glory, start brushing up on your trivia knowledge now!

The Northern Lights Fund or ’Nordlysfondet’ has participated in the Independence Day celebration at Frogner Park for close to 20 years. It is a great way to spread the word and bring attention to our cause. Stop by our booth on Sunday the 4th of July!